Metabolic GLH-2 pack


The complete 360° approach:

1. Insentials Detox Boost: Lipoglutathox™ is our key antioxidant to cleanse your liver. This works at the level of your stored sugars in the liver.

2. Insentials Fat Burner: contains a unique patented & notified Lipochrome™ blend including green tea, lipase, l-carnitine, fucus and chromium. This stimulates your fat metabolism.

3. Insentials GLH-2 Stabiliser: a revolutionary patented & notified formula for stabilising your blood sugar levels and longer satiety.

Belgian production. Validated by our experts. Efficacy proven in 10 human, scientific studies.

The benefits of the Metabolic GLH-2 PACK

This is about a long-term lifestyle adjustment.

  • Long-term, every-day intake is possible, without side effects
  • Supports your sense of satiety
  • Reduces sugar cravings
  • No jo-jo effect
  • Stronger intestinal flora
  • More vital and energetic
  • Your body burns fat faster
  • No loss of muscle mass, only fat tissue
  • Works on your dietary intake (fats & carbohydrates) as well as the stored older fat layers on hips, buttocks, upper arms and belly
  • Contributes not only to weight loss but a general detoxification of your body through natural cell regeneration of your liver
  • Does not affect your hormones, it is safe and natural, unlike injections, shots or ampoules
  • Increases your metabolism: your body works like a heater again
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