Never2 C90 High Carb Drink Mix – Citrus (8p)



Our C90 High Carb Drink Mix is formulated using only what you need for peak performance during long sustained efforts. Each single-serving pack delivers precisely 90g of energy using our AJ21 complex, a 2:1 maltodextrin-to fructose carbohydrate blend that rapidly absorbs while being very easy on the stomach. This drink mix is also isotonic for fast gastric emptying. C90 is both pH-neutral and mildly flavored to reduce the risk of GI distress during intense effort. 200mg of sodium per serving promotes more rapid water absorption.
Package Size
8 – 94g Packs
Serving Size
94g Per Pack
Usage Instructions
Add 94g (1 Pack) C90 High Carb Drink Mix to 500ml water. Shake well until powder completely dissolves. To further personalize, use with Neversecond Guidance SystemTM.
All product batches are tested and certified free of banned substances by Informed Sport.

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